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Bioloid Beginner Robot KitEdit

Find it: HERE These Robots are cool in the human aspect of things. You can program them or remote control


Bioloid Beginner Robot

them. There are many competitions that these robots can be entered in. There are remote control kong-fu-fights, elaborate dance routines with multiple robots, and many other events. The Price for this base model is Around $400. If you want to build other shapes you can have can such as a wheeled vehicle, or mini snake.

Included in the Bioloid Beginner Kit:

RoboBrothers RoboPhilo Humanoid Robot Kit


RoboBrothers RoboPhilo Humanoid Robot Kit

Find it: HERE

This robots price starts out at $420 but it has 20 servos. I am not sure why this robot is so cheep but it would be nice to know. This robot is only a humonoid robot so you cant change that.

Package Contents:

• 20 servos (3 different servos for optimal torque at specific locations)
• Mounting hardware and body kit
• Battery and charger (100-240 VAC 50/60Hz)
• Microcontroller (connects to your computer via RS-232)
• Remote control and receiver

RoboBuilder CREATOR Robotic Kit 5720TEdit

Find it: HEREThis robot has a more self contained servos. The price starts at $680, and this one can be made

RoboBuilder CREATOR Robotic Kit 5720T

into a dog, scorpion and many more. The self contained smart servos are unique to only a few robots so if that is what you are looking for this would be a good option.[1]

Whats Included: • RBC intelligent control system (with sound output)
• 16 blocks of wCK smart actuator modules
• 11 pcs of body parts (7 types)
• 71 pcs of joint parts (12 types)
• 20 pcs of wCK module cable

My Favorite:

Hitec Robonova-1 Kit with Roboremocon

Find it:HERE

Hitec Robonova-1 Kit with Roboremocon

Hitec Robonova-1 Kit with Roboremocon

This is a cool kit from It comes with 16 servos but has available slots for 24 servos. So you can add hands or extra hip movement. One of the cool competitions that you can enter in is Mech Wars. Basically you put air soft guns and a camera to control your robot like a first person shooter.

What in the Box: • MR-3024 Micro controller board for 24 servos
• Sixteen digital HSR-8498HB servos
• Re-chargeable NiMH battery and charger
• Robo Basic programming software and manual
• PC Serial port programming interface cable
• Remocon IR controller

Systm video:
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Bioloid Robotic KitEdit

Find it: HERE

This is a standard model of the Bioloid Robot. There are many more options in this model but the price is around $900. Instead of the 4 Dynamixel AX-12+ serially controlled servos you get AX-12+ Smart Actuator Dynamixel, so basically you get more movement in your robot and more expandable designs, shown above.
Whats included: •CM-5 mcu (Atmel ATMega128)
•18 AX-12+ Serially controlled servos
•1 AX-S1 Sensor module
•Rechargeable battery pack (9.6V 2500mAh)
•2 Programming Utilities (freeware)
•Switch mode Power Supply,

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