Part 1 Fund Raising: Edit

  • Members must fund raise to participate in club activities.
  • Records of Fund raising will be kept.
  • Fund raising efforts will directly benefit the club and the students ability to purchase robots through the club.
  • A member's fund raising efforts will correspond to the amount and quality of robot he/she can buy through the club.
  • Depending on participation/amount of fund raising members will be working in teams or individuals.
  • The minimum amount of fund raised money per person will change based on what the club has voted to build/work on.
  • Members who do not meet fund raising deadlines, described on an individual basis, will not be eligible for the buying of robots, but the money that the member has can be used on buying parts or on a buying a team bot.

Part 2 Robots:Edit

  • Team Robots bought by the club will be kept by the club at the end of the year.
  • Responsibility of the team robots belong to the individuals working on it.
  • Individuals who fund raise enough will be allowed to purchase their own robot.
  • Individually purchased robots can be kept by the individual when they graduate or move.
  • If a member takes home anything that is property of the robotics club and loses or breaks it the student will be held responsible for the cost of repair/replacement.

Part 3 Activities and Behavior: Edit

  • The club's activities include, building robots, going to competitions, and, if allowed, demonstrations at school.
  • If a member does not meet a deadline for a competition the Member will not participate.
  • Members will not be disruptive or exhibit dangerous behavior towards people or robots.

Part 4 Election of officers: Edit

  • Members with experience and knowledge wanting to run for an office will be voted in by their peers. President of the club and the Sponsor (teacher) can overrule decision if necessary.